A Sustainable Concrete Job Time After Time

Submitted by plethadmin on Fri, 06/08/2018 - 09:58

Labor and time savings mean nothing if the quality of concrete placement does not meet expectations. For years, contractors pumping concrete have produced superior quality while reducing costly callbacks. Direct placement of concrete without re-handling also improves concrete quality.

In addition, concrete pumping does not require special mixes for optimum quality. A concrete pump will handle desired slumps and eliminate the need for excess water which can result in concrete cracking.

An uncluttered job site and superior end results are hallmarks of concrete.

Concrete pumps help in sustainable concrete production by reducing site disturbance since there will be less traffic of heavy concrete trucks throughout the whole site. Concrete pumps can place more concrete in a shorter time than other methods, thus reducing the total carbon footprint in the placement phase. They can also place concrete with less labor, further reducing the carbon footprint by reducing transportation of workers to and from the jobsite. Concrete pumps can reduce spills and traffic in environmentally sensitive areas since the concrete delivery can be made precisely at the point of use. Precise delivery can be accomplished by the boom pumps or by laying pipe across sensitive areas.